Monday, July 19, 2010

Splendidly Twitterful!

I have to admit I'm convinced... Since class last Friday I opened a Twitter account and am following 11 people/groups/organizations. Some of the favorite groups I'm following include the Museum of Modern Art, londonart, Reuters and NPR news. Since I'm addicted to my Blackberry, Twitter gives me something to do and at the same time proves to keep me updated! When I'm missing London some of the artsy Twitter groups provide some great images of street art....

Friday's class went very well. I think the student-led discussion was a great idea. Beyond simply discussing the readings it gives us a chance to practice going in front of a class and presenting material to a group of students. I was honestly a bit too intimidated and unready to make that move... but I hope I will have more opportunities to do so as the year progresses.


  1. Eleni, the twitter thing has been a source of some controversy, so I think that both Kristin and I are very pleased to see that you're taking the plunge and seeing what twitter might have to offer. Though it looks like you have lots of twitter feeds on your radar, I have to make one other suggestion given that you're a history minor:
    this collection of "100 great twitter feeds for history geeks"
    collects some strange and delightful implementations of twitter for history teachers and buffs. Check it out!

  2. Eleni,
    I really agree with you on using twitter to keep up on the news of the various things that we choose to care about. I can't see myself ever becoming much of a twitterer but if I ever did it would be to keep up with the news that I just wouldn't have time for.

  3. I still hate twitter, but I must admit I have added some different stuff on twitter that I find interesting. It is mostly sports but it is keeping me up to date on what some of my favorite athletes, writers and sports writers are up to.

  4. Eleni, I think its great that you are using twitter to "feed" some of your interests, as well. its interesting how something we can be so diametrically opposed to can turn into something else we need to "check."

    and i can echo your sentiments about the opportunity to lead the discussion... great "teacher" practice, but still nerve wracking in the presence of peers. thats one of the things I am most nervouse about when it comes to taping myself teaching, and then sharing with peers.... eek.