Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 9th Class

Among much valuable knowledge gained from Fridays Tech class two things were of particular importance:
1) Google and all of its Applications
I had no idea of the endless possibilities available through Google's products. I especially enjoyed the Life Magazine archive, which I could likely find very useful when teaching a social studies class. I will have to make a deliberate attempt to use these resources.
2) Lesson Planning
This being the first time we attempted to create a lesson plan, the process was a bit overwhelming due to the amount of factors that we had to take into account. However it was quite exciting that this project was relevant to what we will be doing in the near future. We were trying to incorporate the theory we have learned thus far to make an exceptional and engaging lesson plan. It did help that the particular topic we needed to cover was quite important and relevant to all of us. Practice, practice, practice.....
Photo from www.globalwhisperer.com


  1. The photo is amazing ... and I love that you cited where you got it from!

    If you like the Life photo archive, check out the absolutely amazing resources at http://memory.loc.gov !

  2. Eleni,
    This photo is a lesson in itself. I actually love all of the graphics and photos you have on your blog-I'm a visual learner and this definitely impacts me more than any written word.


  3. The lesson planning activity WAS a bit hectic. It really made me think about how hard it is to translate theory to practice and why some teachers end using less than stellar activities to teach (because it's easier!).

    I third about the pictures--I know your class will love you because you'll bring the lessons all back home and to what they know with these visual cues.