Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have no PLN with the exception of Facebook (fb I guess...). Even that is maintained with frustration as evidenced by friends' complaints due to my lack of replies. And fb isn't even a source for learning really... I am one of those students who has been ingrained with traditional learning practices, accustomed to books and handouts on paper! In fact - and I guess it has become known within Section A - I print off all my readings on paper (yes, for tech 504 too) in order to read them and scribble notes in the margins and make annotations: It is part of my learning method, which I've been refining for the past 20-some years! I am starting to recognize my habits as a handicap. It is not that I do not adore the concept of teaching courses in technology and teaching students about all the resources through the internet: I do! I hope to be able to embrace it, become fluent in its language and enter the Matrix!... But I am overwhelmed with questions! Isn't it time consuming? What if I forget how to use the resources from lack of use? What if 'they' come up with yet more technology? How will I learn and adapt? Will I be spending hours grading papers in front of the computer? Will it add to the already existing attachment I have to my mobile? Will it eliminate actual face-to-face contact?

Yet I'm also intrigued about the possibilities: To be able to communicate internationally, to research about limitless subjects, to access historical archived materials, to organize one's entire life digitally, to be updated instantaneously, to be able to represent oneself for career purposes... the list is endless. Will my efforts to Excel in these tasks take over my life???!!!

And what will happen to Time? Is it old-fashioned, with the pace technology requires, to spend quality time on tasks? Whats wrong with reading literature at a conversational pace? Or spending time making art BY HAND? I fear I won't be able to keep up... Will technology consume our lives and should we embrace it?

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