Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Audio

I've been a Mac user for 6 years and never during that time have I utilized GarageBand. This is such a pity because now I realize how useful this program is... and I only presently understand a tiny fraction of the possible uses of the program. I was impressed by the ease of use despite not knowing anything about audio recording programs. As a teacher one concern however might be the time involved in recording particular texts. On the other hand, recordings may allow me to prepare more well thought-out explanatory lectures for my classes.

I didn't really grasp the concept of a Podcast before Fridays class. I seems I've been missing out. I can see how practical it would be to listen to Podcasts, while walking or working-out for example: I'd be killing two birds with one stone! Athletes might find this useful too as podcasts could help athletes keep up with classwork. It could also help students that are not physically active to accommodate both academics and exercise in their lifestyle. Podcasts might also be useful for those students, which have jobs or have to take care of siblings, to 'listen in' whenever they have a free moment. Additionally it could help those students with learning disabilities such as dislexia to absorb the material in another form or to reinforce the text they are reading.

Once again however I have to question the societal implications that may present themselves if it becomes appropriate to replace text with audio information... or even that it may become an expectation to multi-task while 'ingesting' material from podcasts.

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  1. I thought garage band was pretty cool too. The ease of using it was probably the best part of using it. I also wish that more college profs took the time to make podcasts because while I was in undergrad I missed quite a bit of class when I had some surgeries and I wish I could of stayed up on class with a podcast or something like that.